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Guide to Claiming Your Business

The following guide will walk you through the steps of claiming or creating your business listing so you can manage and update your business information, as well as have access to features such as creating events or offers.

1. Create your User Profile

The first step is to Create a User. This link will take you to the User Registration Page.

  1. Fill out the User Registration Form and afterwards you will get an email to verify your email address
  2. Now you can log in to your new user!

Next, you need to determine if youur business is Already in the Directory to claim or if not then you need to Create your Business Listing.

2. Claim Existing Business

To search for your business to see if it already exists in the directory, go to the Auburn Main Street Directory. On the right side you will see the Search Module (screenshot below), simply type your business name in the "Search Keyword" field and click the green "Search" button. In the example below you can see we searched for "Nicholas" and found the existing listing for "Nichoals J Photography":

adac guide 01

If your business is NOT in the directory, skip to Step 3 below on how to create your listing.

If you find your business, click the business name and then select the linkon the business page for Claim Business. The link looks like this and will only be visible when you are logged in and the business you are looking at is not currently claimed:

adac guide 02

From there you will need to verify your ownership. Fill out the form and it will be reviewed by Auburn Main Street and approved. After it has been approved you will get an email letting you know you are now the owner of this business listing and you can edit this listing by going to your User Dashboard.

3. Create a Business Listing

Your business is not currently in the directoy and you want to create a new listing? No problem! As long as you are logged in you can navigate to your User Dashboard and click the green "New" button to start the process of making a new listing:

adac guide 03

You will be directed a an extensive form of information to fill out. Make note not all the fields are required, but be certain to fill in all fields with a green asterick symbol.

Your first option is to select your Package type. Note the Basic Package has no cost and the Premium Package (features outlined further down in this guide) is $50 per year and payable with credit card.

You can navigate through Business Details, Add Opening Hours, Add Images, and Select your Category. When you get to "Business Location", note you can simply type your address in the FIRST field and once your address pops up from Google Maps just click that to populate the rest of the address fields (including the Latidue/Longitude data):

adac guide 04

Then proceed through Contact Information, Contact Person, Pictures, Videos, Social Networks, and Metadata. Once you have correctly filled out all your information click the green save button at the bottom. Your listing will get sent to Auburn Main Street Administration for approval and once it is approved you will get an email confirmation and you are all set!

User Dashboard

Once you have your user and business listing activated you now have access to your User Dashboard. There are many features available here, some for Premium Business Listings only, such as Offers, Coupons, and Events. You can also manage your subscription and billing for Premium Business Listings. Note you are able to create Offers and Events even if you are not a Premium Business Listing, however the status will be published until your listing is upgraded to a Premium Business Listing.

Features of a Premium Business Listing ($50/yr):

  1. Videos
  2. Contact Form
  3. Business Offers
  4. Tagged in the directory as "featured"

Features of a Gold Business Listing ($50/mo):

  1. Full Banner Ad on All Pages of Auburn Main Street Website (except for Home Page)
  2. Ads will cycle
  3. You can link your ad to any External URL on your website
  4. See ads at the bottom of this page - Sized as 2000px x 600px
  5. Ad Views and Ad Clicks are Tracked and available upon request